ProfitMax Collaborates with a Team Building Company

Today we are proud to announce a collaboration with a team building sydney mosman company based in Sydney. As you know one of the things that we are passionate about is building strong teams – this is doubly important in this age where computer programmers are scarce and if they don’t work together than bad things can happen.

After all in a web development or programming company – one weak link is enough to sink the whole ship. In another instance when a situation arises in other industries – a project can still get to completion even if everyone is not pushing their weight.

But it becomes even more difficult – because in my industry what you will find is that there will be a number of people with very specific disciplines that will have to work together. And how can they work together? Well – a team manager is important – but communication is doubly important.

After all if you think about it – communication is key because if you say something that will hurt someone’s feelings you can say hello to a long line of passive agressive behavior, sabotage of the project at worst and grumble compliance at best.

So how do you get someone to actually agree to start building their team – and more importantly get involved in team building exercises? Well that’s why there are team building companies and the one we have partnered with is definately up there as far as the quality of the services involved.

What I would like you to do – is to really consider how great they helped our company when our team came down to Sydney for a brainstorming session – even though it was only four of us – we chose a very strange activity – archery lessons!

Now we would like to say thank you to this team building company and we hope to work with them again!

We are also in the process of collaborating with a Sydney company that delivers a mini face lift cost australia that is helping us expand the next phase of our operations. Stay tuned for an update!