How will electric trucks affect the flow of information

Many people would be surprised just how much technology is on a stand rigged truck these days in the United States. Most people have memories of movies of the truck driver – with nothing but the open road in front of him – the most technical thing in his car being his radio – and perhaps some magazines. He would drive over and stop at a rest stop where he may call his company and update them on any status changes.

These days things are much different – almost every trucking company has upgraded their technology – and now with the iPhone it has come to a point where much of this technology can be compacted to a standard smart phone. However with the advent of electric trucks – spear headed by the initiative of Elon Musk – we are truly stepping into the future.

When you think about the biggest issue facing trucking companies it all has to do with being able to track the status of a truck in real time – mechanically wise. Sure in the past a truck driver could stop at a rest stop and make any required changes – however these days – with the advent of electric trucks we could be seeing the holy grail of that beginning. For you see the biggest expense is not just the truck repair, or even paying the truck driver – real expenses no doubt – but it is the cost of keeping a truck on the road and having it come late. Many customers pay trucking companies based on how quickly they can deliver their products – and a broken down truck is the nightmare of many trucking companies.

With companies like Tesla and their electric trucks – a company will be able to analyse the inner works of a truck in real time – find out what those issues are so that when a truck does stop for a pit stop the changes can be made extremely quickly.

The only question comes down to how many Tesla recharge stations will there be – the more pit stops there are along the more major routes – the more we will find situations where trucking companies will be falling over themselves to sign up users.

However it’s not just profitability that will increase – it’s also the environment that will be helped. Find out more about how a company called Bare Brush is helping the environment with their renewable toothbrush. It’s companies like this and Tesla that will push us into the future.