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ICMS is delivering ProfitMAX V1.0 to provide total in transit visibility of cargo in motion.

ICMS owns two strong utility patents (US Patent Numbers 4,688,244 & 4,750,197) that are barriers to competitive entry. As an indication of their inherent value, our patents have been cited over 60 times by other intellectual property firms. These patents combined with our features-rich ProfitMAX™ system give ICMS an absolute lead in the industry.

Mark Denekamp, President & CEO
Mark is the co-inventor of ProfitMAX and has led ICMS through its critical initial development period and its transition to an operating company. In addition to conceptualizing the ProfitMAX system, Mark has worked with patent counsel to achieve the comprehensive patents possessed by ICMS. Mark’s background is in the national retail industry, security and theft prevention, and he has owned and managed two successful small companies. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science/Public Administration from San Francisco State University. He has written articles which have appeared in such industry publications as Security Management Magazine, and he has been a requested guest speaker at events such as the National Retail Merchants Association Security Conference and the Western Damage Prevention & Freight Claims Conference.

Gary Denekamp, Senior Vice President & CAO
Gary is responsible for financial functions, oversees shareholder relations, and manages relations with external vendors and creditors. He also is serving temporarily as the COO. Gary’s background is in the financial services industry. As an independent personal financial planner with IDS/American Express, he became expert in guiding individuals and companies to clear financial goals and initiating strategies to reach those goals. From 1979 to 1985, Gary served as Vice President at Bank of America in San Francisco, California. He was responsible for managing the operations group supporting dealer securities trading and sales activities. Gary attended the University of San Francisco majoring in Public Administration.

The following consulting engineer is also working with ICMS:

Kathleen Hicks, CEO, Absolute Power Computing
Kathleen is certified technical instructor and systems administrator on both the Microsoft Windows and Sun Solaris platforms. She specializes in database design and administration, holding certifications in multiple versions of Oracle, Informix, and Microsoft SQL.

Absolute Power Computing (APC) traces its roots back to 1995, where it began as an independent computer and network troubleshooting company. In January of 1999, it moved to San Antonio, Texas, to establish itself as a premiere network and computer consulting firm. APC presently employs a small group of industry certified professionals who combine real-world experience with textbook knowledge and skills.
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