The patented ProfitMAX™ cargo tracking and monitoring system provides “in-transit visibility” of cargo as it moves through the supply chain. It is comprised of a self-sufficient, micro-processor based mobile data collection unit interfacing with a central monitoring station, which in turn provides segmented data to a network of individual user computer stations.

The mobile unit resides with a truck trailer, cargo container or rail car, and travels anywhere the cargo goes on a global scale, recording location and status of the shipment. In addition to satellite tracking (GPS), its sensors monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, multi-axial shock, and door integrity (openings).

The ProfitMAX™ mobile unit communicates via wireless link (satellite or cellular) to a central computer monitoring station in San Antonio, Texas, which archives data to be retrieved by system users. The unit transmits status reports on a selected schedule and whenever an alarm condition occurs, and can be queried on a user-selected schedule. User needs and available power to the mobile unit will determine the potential frequency of transmissions. When the unit is not making scheduled or unscheduled reports, its communications platform returns to a “sleep” mode to conserve power. The mobile unit draws its operating power from self-contained batteries, from solar panel trickle-charge or from the host vehicle when a connection is available.

Because the mobile unit contains a microprocessor, it is capable of analyzing the data which it collects. If a shipment is subjected to an event which violates parameters set by the user, an “alarm” condition will immediately be noted. If an alarm message is received, the system can provide immediate notification to all designated parties by automated phone messaging, beeper, fax or electronic data transfer.